1925, transportation of marble weighing 15 tons from Penteli to Piraeus.

A PPC’s transformer weighing 58 tons at a sub-station

Transportation of a PPC’s transformer core to Ladon Works, through Alfios River, near Ancient Olympia, Elia District, weighing 75 tons, with the road incapable of bearing the weight.

Lighting masts for the Karaiskakis stadium each weighing 16 tons, height 55 meters.

Placing of Truman’s statue weighing 4 tons.

Hoisting an Athenian paper industry cylinder using technical means, weight 90 tons, height 8 meters.

Cylinder transportation for a paper factory in Larissa, in cooperation with the International Transport Company SCHENKER.

Crossing the Alfios River with an object weighing 25 tons.

Transportation of an excavator weighing 96 tons to the Aridea works.

Special vehicle for the transportation of PPC’s cement-columns of great length.

Transportation of a Greek Refineries Tower weighing 96 tons, length 35 meters and diameter 5.50m, using special bearers due to length.

Transportation of Lykavittos’ Funicular wagons, at a ground inclination of 19 degrees.

Unloading Lykavittos’ Funicular wagons placing them on rails.

The first Blast Furnace plant in Greece was installed by G. Voutas company in 1962.

1960, tower transportation for the TITAN Cement factory in Volos, weight 120 tons.

1961, boiler transportation weighing 150 tons.

1979, barge lifting at Perama weighing 120 tons.

1965, transportation of a horizontal beam of a gantry crane at Elefsina, weighing 120 tons.


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